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Zettalytics is a boutique Big Data Consulting firm established in 2011, the year when the world’s explosive growth of digital data surpassed one zettabyte (which is 1,000,000,000,000 gigabytes) for the first time in human history. Fuelling this data explosion are over five billion mobile phones, over 500 million tweets per day, 4.5 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook each day, 1.2 trillion Google searches a year, and hundreds of millions of networked GPS sensors, RF ID chips in energy meters, automobiles, shipping containers, retail packaging and more recently, almost 600 million NFC-enabled (near field communication) devices used for electronic payment and much more.


zettalytics big data stack


Zettalytics’ team of big data experts help you to transform your most valuable data assets into actionable knowledge for business decision making. Our specialized technical know-how and repeatable Agile processes have consistently delivered fully scalable and high performance big data solutions successfully. Through the visioning, architecture, design and implementation of Big Data, Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, E-Commerce, Audience and Content Management, Data-driven Online Marketing and Enterprise Search solutions, we have established ourselves as your most reliable technology partner in maximizing your return on big data investment.