Data Integration

Zettalytics can help you easily and quickly connect to any data source you currently work with, and pull all that crucial data into one location.

Product - Data Load



Data is the foundation from which you build your big data analytics.  The Zettalytics platform allows you to pull data from all different data sources to create that foundation.

From social media channels such as Facebook  and Twitter, to marketing automation tools such as Marketo and Eloqua, to CRM platforms such as Salesforce and Netsuite, to email service providers such as Exact Target and Campaign Monitor.  From structured data such as XML and JSON, to unstructured data such as LDAP and BLOB.  From on-premise data to SaaS data.  Whatever your data and wherever your data reside, the platform will let you leverage those critical data to help you discover crucial business insights.

Your data is stored in highly scalable cloud storage at Rackspace, with agile tools such as Hadoop to access your data, and protected by secure solution such as SafeNet.

You will be able to leverage from a set of standard ETLs to load your data into the platform, and can create additional custom ETLs to load proprietary system data.


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