Business Need

At a dizzying pace, technology advances are affecting the way people live. Every day, more and more people rely on their cell phones to find out details about everything around them.  abra, a Portland Oregon based start-up, would like to take advantage of the mobile technology to enrich the house buying experience.


Technology Solution

When a house goes on sale, the real estate agent representing the seller cannot be at the house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The For Sale sign outside on the lawn tells the buyer who the agent is and his/her contact information, but not much about the house itself.

It is true that the buyer can see the outside of the house, but to get more information about the inside of the house, he must get in touch with the agent or find the listing on the real estate board website. If the buyer is not technology savvy, or plays telephone tag with the agent, the whole selling/buy process can be prolonged.


abra_iphone1                         abra_iphone2


To streamline this process, Zettalytics worked with abra to embed a RFID chip in the For Sale sign.  When a buyer passes by the house that is for sale, and is interested in getting additional information on the house, he can take out his phone and wave it in front of the chip.  Immediately, he is re-directed to a webpage that contains all the detailed information associated with the house.  If he is interested, he can get in touch with the agent immediately.

Zettalytics helped abra source the RFID chips from China, as well as created the self-serve website that allowed real estate agents to sign in and manage the details of all of their listings.  They can upload stunning pictures and even panoramic videos so the potential buyers can get a 360 degree view of inside the house.  They created mobile-friendly iOS and Android apps so that potential buyers get the best impression possible about the house.

Technology Stack:

  • Play! Framework for back-end
  • MySQL for Database
  • jQuery+Bootstrap for front-end
  • JasperSoft for Business Intelligence


This platform allowed abra to help real estate agents provide enhanced customer experience for their clients.  The ability to get the details about the house with a wave of the cell phone helped accelerate the house selling/buying process, which translated into higher selling price and sales commission.