Corus Entertainment

Corus Entertainment

Business Need

Corus Entertainment is one of the most successful Canadian media and entertainment companies, and has an impressive portfolio of radio stations as well as engaging TV channels for kids, women and country music fans.  It recently added Disney Channel Canada to its roster.

Corus Entertainment’s many different properties provide compelling and interactive content that reach millions of people every day, touching audiences of all ages from all channels.  Corus is one of the last independent content providers that is not part of a communications organization.  To stay competitive, Corus needs to operate smartly, and wants to leverage leading edge technical innovations to continue to engage and interact with its audiences the best way possible.

As Corus has a large portfolio of kids content, to ensure that it operates strictly under stringent privacy laws especially where it concerns kids data, Corus is extremely careful it utilizes technology effectively to abide by the guidelines.


Technology Solution

Technology in the marketplace has advanced at a dizzying velocity.  Unfortunately, Corus Entertainment’s current technology stack has not kept pace, and Corus is finding itself at a disadvantage in terms of leveraging technology to gain operational efficiency and marketing effectiveness.

Zettalytics worked closely with Corus to identify best-of-breed data management platform (DMP), single sign on (SSO), and email service provider (ESP) to revamp its technology stack.  The data collected from these components along with social media data are ingested into a robust centralized data warehouse to derive business insights.

Zettalytics worked hand-in-hand with Corus to project manage and implement the three technology components  and the centralized data warehouse concurrently.  They were able to marry together data from numerous touch-points to provide a holistic view of each subscriber.

Collaboratively, with the use of robust data visualization tools, they were able to create many insightful dashboards critical to the business users’ decision making process.

Technology Stack:

  • Hadoop for Data Staging
  • Spark for ETL
  • Redshift for Data Warehouse
  • Tableau for Data Visualization
  • AWS for Infrastructure and Hosting



Previously, data were at an amalgamated level, with numbers from Omniture, Nielsen and Numerus.  Business users at Corus is able to, for the first time, gain insight and take action at the subscriber level.  This one-to-one targeting allows for relevant content presentation, and ultimately increases tune-in.