Business Need

Predict is a data-driven consultancy that focuses on the publishing and media/entertainment sector to provide niche-specific recommendations.  As such, Predict is highly reliant on all the data that is available from the various source, in order to formulate the best possible strategy and identify the most feasible revenue opportunity based on data.


Technology Solution

The data that Predict works with, on behalf of its clients, can come from a multitude of data categories: from TV viewers targeting, to various data providers, to email solutions, to a whole host of social CRM providers.

Zettalytics works with Predict to provide the technical knowledge required to:

  • Set up the infrastructure to receive data from the various data sources
  • Design the enterprise database schema to optimize the use of data
  • Cleanse and aggregate the data based on the client’s unique needs
  • Provide data visualization to spot trends and patterns based on aggregated data

It brings to the table the technology know-how to set up the infrastructure quickly, and optimize the environments to work with millions of data records each day.  It provides the best practices to cleanse the historical data, as well as ways to keep the data clean going forward.  The analytics service helps Predict’s clients visualize the data graphically, and to identify potential trends and patterns where Predict can formulate sound strategies for  its clients.

End result: Predict becomes a trusted advisor in their clients’ eyes, builds long term relationships, and receives referrals for additional consultancy projects.



Predict has many publisher and media entertainment clients, including A+E Networks and Corus Entertainment.