Freeplay Music

Freeplay Music

Business Need

Freeplay Music is one of the largest and most trusted production music libraries in the world.  They provide a huge online collection of  high-quality music, and their customers from all over the world can purchase and download the music to use in everything from personal web videos on YouTube and social networks to major network television broadcasts and major feature films.

Over the past few years, Freeplay Music has been enjoying exceptional success, especially since reaching an agreement with Google to provide free music for YouTube content. To ensure that they continue to provide the best user experience and the most secure and reliable music download site,  an all new e-commerce platform and associated website is needed to support the scale and performance requirements brought on by the tremendous business growth. The new platform will support the purchase of a variety of different licensing types, and will have checkout integration with YouTube and other video hosting sites. It will also have fast and rich search capabilities to provide keyword based music search by title and artist, as well as by genre, mood and scene.


Technology Solution

Rather than making piece-meal improvements on the existing legacy platform, a new e-commerce platform with an all-new AngularJS-based user interface on top of the mature and well established open source Magento stack was recommended. Our engineering team implemented a multi-instance redundant and scalable Magento hosted at Amazon Web Services using OpsWorks. We created a new customized web user interface using AngularJS to replace the generic Magento user interface. To provide fast and efficient music search capability, we integrated ElasticSearch with Magento and developed extensive keyword based and tag based indices. We integrated two different payment gateways to support secure online payments and Paypal. For seamless consolidated reporting, we built an interface to Freeplay Music’s Salesforce CRM system so that customer and transactions data will automatically be available for critical business decision making.




Technology Stack:

  • AngularJS for front-end
  • PHP+Magento API for back-end
  • AWS RDS for Data Store
  • ElasticSearch cluster for Search
  • AWS+OpsWorks for Deployment and Hosting
  • Salesforce Integration for Customer, Product, Inventory and Sales data
  • Payment integration with Paypal and


The new Magento based e-commerce platform that we built for Freeplay Music is a mission-critical piece of Freeplay Music’s growth plan. The open source stack provides the foundation for a highly scalable music buying and download site that will allow our client to expand their music library and grow their business beyond the technical capabilities of their existing system.