Learning Care Group

Learning Care Group

Business Need

Learning Care Group (LCG) has a number of brands under its umbrella:  Childtime, Tutor Time, Montessori Unlimited, La Petite Academy, and The Children’s Courtyard.

LCG operates more than 900 corporate and franchise schools, has 17,000 dedicated directors and teachers, and serves more than 100,000 children across the USA. The company has collected large amounts of data over the years, but has not leveraged the data to its full potential.  It wants to change the status quo and start using data in a more effective way to best spend their marketing dollar, with the ultimate goal of increased engagements and enhanced enrollments.


Technology Solution

The data that LCG works with include marketing campaign data, leads data, parents/child data, director/teacher data, school data, call center support data, and financial tuition payment data.

Over the years, LCG slowly implemented technology to help streamline their data collection process from school walk-ins, the web, and the call centers.  Unfortunately, initial data collection efforts did not include data checking capabilities, and introduced non-standard data into the system.  Some data were stored in multiple databases and created issues with conflicting information.  Different databases also operated in silos and lacked common reference fields to link together the data from various databases.

Zettalytics worked closely with LCG to improve the data collection process.  Any new data being collected were standardized and formatted going forward.  Edit checks were put in place to ensure data hygiene was enforced for any new data entering the database.




For the historical data, Zettalytics used a combination of automated tools and manual efforts to de-duplicate and thoroughly cleanse the profile data including first name, last name, address, city, state, various phone numbers (work, day, evening, mobile), and tie the profiles to lead generation data and tuition payment records.

Clean data is a crucial factor in good decision-making.  Being able to spot potential trends and patterns help optimize that decision-making process further.  Zettalytics’ one-two punch of data cleansing and pattern recognition translates technology competency into business savvy for LCG.

Technology Stack:

  • C# for Data Integration API
  • MSSQL for Data Staging and Warehousing
  • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) for ETL
  • Tableau for Data Visualization and Reporting



LCG is able to get a very accurate picture of how each enrollment came into the system, from which lead source, and from which marketing campaign.  By understanding this information at a detailed level, LCG is able to replicate the winning marketing and lead generation efforts to increase enrollments.