Pharmacy Access Solutions

Pharmacy Access Solutions

Business Need

Our client Pharmacy Access Solutions Inc. (PASI) is a Toronto area based leading provider of technology solutions for the pharmacy industry. Over 2000 pharmacies and drug stores nationally depend on their products to efficiently and effectively deliver quality health care and patient-centric intervention programs and clinical services.

Pharmacists want to expand their practices and create more value through enhanced pharmacist-patient relationship.  They need solutions to streamline and optimize their daily workflow and to help manage new counselling services that are being launched. Our client already provides a leading platform for managing counselling-based revenue services for a number of largest pharmacy chains in the country.  They want to expand their current solution suite to web and mobile devices in order to provide better efficient means of identifying, documenting, saving, billing, and reporting on professional services, all in real time.  In addition, there are stringent privacy requirements for the confidential patient and prescription data hosted in the application that required reliable and secure ETL and data warehousing solutions. The resulting analytics provide valuable insights to help the pharmacies improve services and increase ROI.

In order to reduce time to market while keeping within product development budgets, PASI experimented with collaborating with other outside development shops both onshore and offshore, and the results were less than ideal. They faced unpredictable quality issues as well as budget overruns. They were in urgent need of a dependable technology partner, and that’s when they came to us.


Technology Solution

The suite of technology solutions we are helping our client build provides a complete tool set for developing customized, innovative, and patient-centric programs. Using leading web frameworks including AngularJS, Bootstrap, Spring MVC and Spring Security, our team of expert engineers help our client PASI in the architecture, development and implementation of responsive web and mobile-capable tools to manage pharmacist-patient relationship and provide the right service to the right patient at the right time. Specifically, we are providing software development services in a web and mobile data management tool, as well as providing daily operational devops support to ensure secure and reliable SaaS services provided to the pharmacists by our client. In addition, we provide technical strategic consulting to PASI on a number of big data processing issues, including the technology stack selection and implementation of a complex data ETL process to support their advanced analytics solutions for pharmacies.




Technology Stack:

  • AngularJS/Bootstrap for front-end
  • Java/Spring MVC for back-end
  • MySQL for RDBMS
  • Talend for ETL



Our participation in this project contributes to our client’s first rate product offerings by allowing them to introduce new product features and expand on more platforms and devices more quickly, and at a lower cost than ever before. Our extensive experience and technical expertise enabled PASI to achieving their business goals which is to provide the best technological solutions to the pharmaceutical sectors. Together with our client, the solutions we built allow institutions everywhere to better foster collaboration between health care workers and patients, and to provide support for a wide range of health intervention programs.