Business Need

Currently, not only consumers have little control over their personal data that are being used by businesses, they are sharing that valuable data about themselves and their online activities for free. Synapster would like to change that paradigm, and create a platform where consumers get paid for sharing that valuable data.


Technology Solution

Zettalytics worked with Synapster to create a solution that allowed customers to use an app, initially on their Chrome browser, either on the desktop or on mobile devices.

The platform allowed Synapster to track customer browsing history from their various devices, and continuously learn about topics that would interest the customers. Based on the browsing behavior, the platform would then provide relevant offers from curated brands to the customers. The customers can click on the “Synap It” button on each presented offer.



The solution is integrated with PayPal and Dwolla, so that customers can be easily paid and rewarded each time they respond to a particular relevant offer personalized just for them based on their browsing history.

End result: gain more customers as they see tangible benefits of being a subscriber.

Technology Stack:

  • Play! Framework for back-end
  • jQuery+Bootstrap for front-end
  • MySQL for Database
  • JasperSoft for BI and Reporting



This platform helped Synapster collect valuable data, and allowed Synapster to gain powerful insight into customer preferences with each additional interaction.